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Christmas 2020
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Typical weight 0.216kg - £4.10

A traditional Cheese of Gloucestershire, originating from the Berkeley Vale.

A Double Gloucester Cheese should have a fudgy texture and fruity taste and is less dense than a Cheddar. Our Double Gloucester is traditionally matured and cloth bound. We mature for at least 5 months, usually 6-8 months at selling. Although Double Gloucester can be made anywhere in the world (unlike Single Gloucester) there are only 5 cheesemakers in Gloucestershire making Double Gloucester.

Originally Double Gloucester was made with full evening milk and full morning milk (no cream removed). To emphasise this annatto crystals were used to give the cheese a creamy tangerine colour. In fact in the 16th Century a Double Gloucester cheese was judged on its depth of colour as the crystals were so expensive, the deeper the colour the better the cheese. Annatto comes from a south American beam tree - so they were obviously importing and exporting in the 16th Century. We still use annatto colouring today.

Double Gloucester

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