Easy Thai Green Curry Paste

Easy Thai Green Curry Paste




2 x 65g sachet, servings 2-4


Our Thai Green Curry recipe was extremely popular in the restaurant for years and remains our best seller, in our retail format and at the food festivals when we cook, some customers just won’t order anything else! So to make it easy for you again we have included all the seasonings and spices that that go into our restaurant recipe in the sachet ready for you to just add meat, prawns or vegetables and one 400ml tin of coconut milk (use both Sachets with a full tin). Try this curry and we’re confident you won’t
 ever want any other!


Quick cooking instructions for 1-2 servings: 

Add 200ml of coconut milk into a pan, stir in the full contents of one sachet. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 mins add your preferred meat, seafood or vegetables.

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