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Christmas 2020
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2 x 65g sachet, servings 2-4

Massaman curry was voted into the top ten best dishes of the World in a CNN online poll in 2011. Our paste (in many of our customers’ opinion) is the best tasting Massaman curry recipe. We call this “Easy” because all the seasonings and spices have been roasted and blended to our exacting specifications and mixed into the jar with the same love that we put into each curry we served in the restaurant. Delicious Thai food that doesn’t need a Thai cookbook to give you a true Taste of Thailand. Its great in the slow cooker with braising steak also goes really well with lamb or game or chicken thighs or simply cooked with sweet potates and root vegetables.


Quick cooking instructions for 1-2 servings: 
Quick cooking instructions for 1-2 servings: 
Add 200ml of coconut milk into a pan, stir in the full contents of one sachet. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 mins add your preferred meat, seafood or vegetables.

Easy Thai Massaman Curry Paste

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