Christmas 2020
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This meal kit includes:

  •  good quality 3mm rice noodles for 2 people
  •  our famous vegan friendly Pad Thai sauce
  •  a sachet of toasted peanuts which we have kept whole for extra freshness!

Headchef Preechaya’s Vegan Pad Thai Recipe is legendary and was used to cook 1000’s of dishes for happy customers at the restaurant over the 11 years. It gives you a true Thai taste and a Pad Thai that dish that you will remember.

Just add in your vegetables, tofu, chicken or prawns and egg and its ready in just 15 minutes. Recreate a true restaurant quality dish at home.

This recipe for Pad Thai is inspired by the “Pad Korad” vesion of Pad Thai from the Issan region of Thailand.

Easy Thai Pad Thai Kit