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Christmas 2020
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The ultimate marinade for slow cooked pork, slice it and slap it into a cub@no toasted sandwich with pickles, mustard, cheese and everything good. 

They make theirs with loads of fresh mint & coriander, fresh orange and lime juice for the citrus hit and then the amazing, unique Rocoto Peppers which bring the fire!

Ever seen the film Chef? The one with Favro, it's so sick. When they first watched it I think they had tears rolling down their eyes, happy tears. It just hits the heart of anyone that's worked in the food industry, the passion you have for the craft and enjoyment of cooking for others.

It was actually through that film that they found out about Roy Choi, what a dude. A pioneer of the food truck scene in L.A. His approach to cooking with zesty citrus, acidity and tonnes of fresh herbs has inspired me big time. He's on loads of Netflix shows now, but also has a few books, buy 'em and visit his restaurants.

Mojo Roco Marinade

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