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Christmas 2020
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Revamped chicken rub - Oil & rub before roasting, covering in foil & baking, or straight grilling or smoking. 


Tubby Tom's favourite thing to use it in friend chicken dredge, use it to season the flour. Tastes nostalgic to him!


Tom used to be obsessed with fried chicken. The cruncy, spiced batter, flakey juicy chicken & of course the hot sauce & BBQ sauce & gravy for dipping. He started making it at home for his friends, especially when he was at uni and used to make piles and piles of it. His thinking was, if I'm gunna go to the effort of deep frying and making loadsa mess I might as well make a tonne of it. Everyone loved it, this is the flavour. 

Mutha Clucka - Original Chicken Seasoning - 60g

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