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Christmas 2020
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Single Gloucester Cheese was revived about Charles Martel. It is a lighter and earlier maturing cheese than its big brother Double. Traditionally made using half skimmed milk it has a fresh, sometimes nutty taste, slightly more acidic than Double but very moorish. If eaten with good company and a bottle of wine it soon disappears from the table!

Single Gloucester has a P.D.O. - Protected Designated Origin, so can only be made in Gloucestershire. There are four Cheesemakers in Gloucestershire who make Single Gloucester. It is a requirement to own some Gloucester Cattle in order to make Single Gloucester. They are a rare breed, much smaller than a Friesian cow, brown/black in colour with a distinctive white stripe which starts half way down their back and goes all the way down their tail.

Traditionally when all farmhouses made cheese, in Gloucestershire, if butter was to be made the cream was skimmed off the evenings milk for the butter and the skimmed milk that was left was put with the following mornings full milk and the cheese made was Single Gloucester - slightly lower fat cheese and earlier maturing. Their Single Gloucester is traditionally matured and cloth bound.

Thier Gloucester cows are called ‘Double’, ‘Single’ (how original!) ‘Glossy’ (for Gloucester) and ‘Bunny’ (she was born on Easter Day), ‘Nutmeg’ and our Gloucester Bull is called ‘Fred’ (which apparently means Peace in Norwegian).

Single Gloucester

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