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About Us

The Hawkins family have been farming the land in Frocester since 1895, in December 2000 we opened our farm shop, which included a licensed butchery and kitchen.

All the pork and beef are reared on our own farm in Frocester and the lamb is all reared in Gloucestershire. We transport all the animals a short distance to a local abattoir, reducing stress to the animals and keeping any 'food miles' to a minimum.

The pigs are reared at Bridge Farm where we have achieved the Farm Assurance certificate for excellent animal husbandry. They are all home reared, housed in deep straw yards and fed on quality feed.

The cattle are Welsh Black and Aberdeen Angus and reared at Church Farm where the land is part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. This scheme promotes wildlife while still actively farming, albeit on a more extensive level with greatly reduced levels of fertilizer applied.
´╗┐All our cows and calves are fed on a diet of grass, silage and barley, all of which are grown on the farm. The flock of 150 hens and 20 ducks, are free-range and supply the shop and kitchen with our eggs.

Within the shop, we butcher and sell all the meat, leaving the pork and lamb to hang for a week, whilst the beef is hung for a minimum of 3 weeks. All the sausages, burger, meat products and our range of ready-meals including some delicious faggots, are made in the farm shop’s own kitchen to our own recipes.

We use as many local ingredients as we can again keeping ‘food miles’ and our ‘carbon footprint’ to a minimum. We are a genuine family business and our aim is to give all our customers excellent quality food at affordable prices.